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Rig Quip

RigQuip are experts in drilling equipment. We’re a longstanding business with a forward-thinking approach.

We support our clients in efficient drilling operations by providing state of the art new equipment, engineering services, equipment recertification, on-site services, parts and expendables. We offer solid technical solutions at fair prices, are obsessed with quality and are the world’s first API Q2 certified drilling equipment service organisation.

RigQuip provides drilling equipment and services to the world’s largest operators and drilling contractors. With more than 10 years in business and a management team with extensive OEM experience, there is nothing they haven’t seen or overcome. Their teams are highly trained and have technical know-how that no one else does, including on legacy equipment.

The company is uniquely placed to support rigs visiting Port of Cromarty Firth during recertification of drilling equipment such as hoisting and lifting equipment (including draw works, top drives and travelling equipment), pipe handling equipment, mud systems (including mud pumps), well control equipment, power and control systems.

Offering full project managed services RigQuip will inspect, remove, recertify, return, install and commission equipment on the rig. Larger work scopes can be carried out at our API Q2 drilling equipment repair facility in Aberdeen, a few hours away.

RigQuip also stock drilling equipment parts and expendables locally and can reverse engineer unsupported or obsolete components where required.